Adult Behavior

I would like to have more adults in my life who are capable of adult behavior. There seem to be quite a few who want me to be the adult so they can be the child and I can take care of them.

After many years of taking care of adults, even when I was a child, I would rather take care of only myself. I guess I will have to continue to psychoanalyze myself to figure this out. If I have time…sigh.


Me, lately…



Not proud of it, just am…

Hi!!! What’s going on?! I’m still wrestling with life and maybe should document that struggle a little more. In the meantime – peace.

Eight years ago during the Beijing Olympics I was miffed about not being able to find and stream my diving competitions. I was not a happy camper. I gave up.

Four years ago during the London Olympics I still couldn’t find and stream my diving competitions. What I found after an extreme amount of effort was hard to stream and went into the buffer zone, especially during the actual dives. I again was not happy.

Here we are in 2016 with the Rio games and surprise surprise nothing has changed. I found some highlights again of the 2016 US Olympic diving trials on OnDemand. Woo hoo.

This time NBC is admitting that diving is a premium event that will broadcast as usual in prime time whenever they want to squeeze it in with the swimming, soccer, volleyball, and gymnastic highlights. Sit and watch commercials while you wait for your ten minutes of competition and then wait some more through more commercials and other competitions for the final round. SNORE.

Apparently 2016 and advertising-prized millennials have finally caught up with commercial-happy NBC. Variety  Ratings are down 30% because 2016 America is used to streaming events in real time and is not pleased with waiting for a network that paid billions for the event to pay for its investment with endless advertising.

Poor NBC. Karma is a b****.  The proof is in the pudding. 

Happy 2016

‘Tis the author of this blog. Probably should be blogging a bit more and perhaps this year I will.

Every now and then I do revisit some of my previous posts. Lately it’s been this one: https://ideasthoughtsandconnectingthedots.wordpress.com/2008/09/16/responsibility-is-such-a-lonely-word/  since I just saw The Big Short and it’s about this topic which I immediately felt compelled to blog about the minute I heard about the stock market crashing in 2008. What I wrote then still holds up now.

A secondary goal of my blog is “to thine own self be true.” And I am proud to say that this blog reflects that goal. So in summary if you want to know about me read my blog. Sometimes I actually have a few interesting things to say.

Who knows what 2016 will bring??

Summer’s Finally Here!

My buzzy buddy the backyard cicada is back! Saw molted shells for about a week and half near the backyard tree and he/she/it buzzed to life Saturday July 25, a little later than normal but way earlier than last year. Cold winter again and the early summer was also cool, so that may explain his/her/its tardiness.

Now I’ll be monitoring the backyard when I mow the lawn to see if he/she/it is hanging around to make sure he/she/it stays around. Summer’s finally here!  

9/23/2015 Update: Ran over one a few weeks ago while mowing the lawn and lucky for he/she/it he/she/it didn’t get sliced. After the usual stubbornness and heavy broom activity, he/she/it finally flew into the neighbor’s yard away from harm’s way. I’m such a giver! 🙂


Feel like bragging. Went on a mini trip up to northern Wisconsin at the end of last week. Got lost in the north woods for about 50 miles – Wisconsin saves money in its transportation budget by having barely any state and county road signs – but managed to snake my way out on a non-peopled road with a dense forest and a million curves and bends. So I guess that’s accomplishment #1.

The one I was originally bragging about: taming my own forest on my lawn. Thanks to the never-ending rain in May and now June, the four bushes on my lawn were badly overgrown. I had no chance up until this week to start tackling them. I trimmed one a day for an hour each day and today I finished the last one! Accomplishment #2. Tackling them all at once is not my preferred method, but since I’ll be away again soon, I had to get them done. There’s rain in the forecast practically every day through next Tuesday. Groan. But I today I revel, especially since I’m not fond of hedge trimming. Good job Pam!

Now it’s time to accomplish some more.